Monday, January 15, 2007

Billy Is 'Wirth' It

No, that's not a typo in the title of this blog post. :) Today's blog is about actor/director Billy Wirth, who is probably best known for his role as a young vampire in the cult classic Lost Boys (with Kiefer Sutherland, hottie), and his incredibly sexy role as the 'other man' in The Red Shoes Diaries (with David Duchovny, another hottie). If you've ever seen the scene in Red Shoe Diaries where Billy helps the heroine try on a pair of shoes, you'll never, ever think of shoe shopping the same way again! Whew!

Anyway, Billy is and always has been the inspiration for the character of Dr. Joe Bascombe in DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY and WHERE THE GHOULS ARE. He has incredible hair, incredible eyes, and a killer smile that is quite simply, 'to die for'. The man oozes sexuality in a way few men could ever hope to manage. There's this one scene in Red Shoes where Billy is wearing nothing except a pair of unzipped jeans, and the heroine is slowing kissing her way down and... um...what was I saying?

Well, needless to say, Captain America knows he has only to pop in that movie to get lucky pretty quick. :)

So who does it for you? My friend Janice is obsessed with Matt McConaughey, my friend Tawny is a Johnny Depp-a-holic, while Leslie and Carla are die-hard Gerry Butler fans. I admit to admiring a variety of good-looking men, but Billy Wirth holds a special place in my heart. The part called "so sexy it hurts". :)


Janice Lynn said...

Which vampire was he on the Lost Boys? I love that movie. I had a poster of it hanging in my bedroom when I was 16 or so. May have to pull it out to see if I can figure it out--was he the little boy?

And, oh yeah baby, on the Matthew doing it for me. Big surprise, I know. ;)

Terri said...

Billy was the vampire with the long, dark hair (I think his character was named Dwayne). Ooh, what a hottie. :)

And seriously, Janice, if you haven't seen Red Shoe Diaries (there's actually a series of them that were made after the initial movie, and they are some of the sexiest 'vignette' movies ever made), you should. Blockbuster carries them all, or they can be ordered via Amazon. HOT, HOT, HOT! (erotica for women, not porn :)

Maxine said...

Hi It's Maxine from Billy's Fanclub site. Glad to see you like the photo, would love it if you linked the fanclub site to your Billy Page.

You girls have great taste, and he is as nice and better looking in person. Very soft spoken and a little shy.

Check out his new film The Drone Virus, there are some great behind the scenes and I think it is really a great character for him.

As someone who considers Billy a friend and have met him many times the closest character to the real Billy is the one from American Reunion.

Thanks for your time and mention of Billy we are always trying to get him out there. Please feel free to checkout the fanclub site and get some freebies.


Terri said...

Thank YOU, Max, for putting that picture up on the web where I could find it. :) Your site definitely has the best Billy stuff!

That shyness of character always comes through in his eyes - one of his sexier qualities, I think. :)

Thanks for stopping by!